1. Obey the roadway rules if you can work out what they


2. Preserve instructions no matter what
3. Bear in mind the quickest distance in between 2 points is a straight line.
4. Anticipate the completely unexpected
5. Do not be shocked when a 10-metre watercraft slung on a post between two electric motor cycles goes across the expressway in front of you.
6. Do not be surprised if, in spite of bird influenza, a flock of ducks unexpectedly fills up the whole the freeway
7. Do not be shocked if a packed bus (or anything else) comes at you on the wrong side of an expressway.
8. Red traffic signal commonly seem to be just consultatory
9. Do not stop promptly on a traffic signal or a person behind will certainly encounter you
10. The man with the two full-size fridges on the back of his mortor cycle is NOT going to quit at a red light.
11. Traffic roundabouts are only a minor inconvenience to web traffic
12. It’s rather sensible to go the wrong way up one-way roads
13. When doing something absolutely silly like going the wrong way up a one-way street or into approaching web traffic, blast away on your horn
14. Ride with a finger pushed virtually continually on the horn since this is simpler than following roadway regulations
15. Just because you have four on the bike and also are going the upside-down up a one-way street does not indicate the cops will stop you
16. Lights are not utilized throughout the day since they use excessive electrical energy
17. Traffic lights can typically be hidden behind trees or indications
18. “No left turn” signs are normally unnoticeable as well as can be moved every now and then
19. Even if you are transforming left and also on the left side of the carriageway doesn’t imply a person will certainly not pass you on the left to go straight in advance
20. Even if a person gets on the left side of the carriage-way before you does not imply they do not intend to all of a sudden turn right
21. Ditto if they get on the right side of the road
22. Just because there is a wall surface of motorcycles covering both sides of the roadway encountering you, do not believe you are necessarily heading into a one-way road.
23. Even if there is an auto bearing down on you in your corner of the road does not mean he gets on the appropriate side of the road
24. Crash helmets are for putting in the basket at the front of your bike
25. Remember most cars and truck chauffeurs do not own an automobiles– they possess motorbikes as well as drive accordingly
26. Double it’s the same for bus chauffeurs
27. If you are going to be struck by an automobile make certain it is not a government car
28. Prevent foreigners since a lot of are riding Russian bikes as well as require to maintain going or the engine cuts out
29. Prevent any chauffeurs using an eco-friendly hat as they are possibly xe om vehicle drivers and also therefore feel they are right of way

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